Mora and Loren Especially after NBA 2K18 MT

Posted by Wen on May 9th, 2017

Mora and Loren Especially after. In an interview, Qiao Wenke revealed the idea of ​​leaving the team, "I certainly will not give up the competition starting, after the NBA 2K18 MT end of the season, I need to assess all the situation, and then consider whether to stay in Juventus, but I hope to stay in the season. Just started, we played eight games, because I will focus on future events, eager to continue to contribute to the team. "

Ozil in Arsenal became a glass of two weeks of the end of the international competition day, Arsenal Was injured, a total of four players were injured, respectively, Ozil, Coase Czerny, Welbeck and Rosicky, which Ozil the most serious injury, will be 12 weeks in advance to bid farewell to 2014, Welker Baker's worst , Is expected to come back from the line of fire, the most coach

Wenger headache is Coase Czerny's injury, Arsenal defense line on the lack of staff, the professor had to recruit young team from the echelon preparing for this weekend against Hull City Premier League. Need to point out that the four players have one of the injuries that could have been reduced, or even avoided, he is Ozil, but the coach Arsene Wenger's decision to let the

German star completely destroyed, on NBA 2K VC this, the professor confirmed this interview a little. According to Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger's argument, at Stamford Bridge Stadium 0-2 loss to Chelsea game, Ozil midfielder had said knee discomfort, but the second half or played and played 45 minutes, due to injury, Ziel's injury increased, which is his early farewell to the culprit in MTnba2k

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