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As the world turns health conscious with increasing numbers of individuals hitting the gym, the need for gyms in residential apartments has increased. More and more apartments have been converted into gyms, helping patrons to work out for a healthy and balanced life.  The need for rubber gym floor mats is all the more important in apartments in high rises that serve as gyms. This is primarily because of the need to protect the flooring and the equipment from damage. Here are a few compelling reasons to go in for rubber gym floor mats and tips to get the right one for the gym. 

Prevent Damage due to Accidental Dropping of Free Weights

Regardless of the level of fitness or experience of the individual working out, free weights used for resistance training tend to drop accidentally. For instance, after the completion of a strenuous rep, the weight may not be placed softly on the floor, it may leave the hands about an inch from the floor. Or worse still, it may slip out of hands and drop from a height. This can cause damage to the floor, be it concrete or wood. Rubber gym floor mats take the shock out of the drop by absorbing the fall and preventing most of the impact from reaching the existing floor of the area. 

Prevent Damage to Equipment

Equipment used in gyms are also likely to get damaged if they are dropped or handled roughly. For instance, a triceps pull down or a squat rack will undergo vibrations with repetitions. Sustained vibrations over a long time can cause some kind of damage to the equipment. Use of rubber mats to take in the shock and vibration will prevent damage to the equipment and prolong its lifecycle. Working out with weights should essentially be an enjoyable and beneficial experience and not a harrowing one. Therefore, installation of rubber gym floor mats will greatly help in creating the best atmosphere and safety standards for members. 

Select the Right Material of Rubber Mats

It is essential to choose rubber mats based on the following criteria: 

Thickness – The thickness of the rubber mats are of great importance. There really is no point in going in for flimsy rubber mats that will not absorb the shock. Ideally, anything above ¼ inch would be suitable and safe in gyms. 

Customized Lengths – The rolled rubber mats should be offered in customized lengths so as to fit on the gym floors perfectly. The width of the rubber mat rolls remains fixed, but the length needs to be provided as per the requirement. 

Look for rubber gym mats that offer a proper grip on the floor. This will ensure that the patrons are sure footed, and do not undergo any kind of risk whatsoever, when moving around with or without weights. 

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