FAAC-400: Technology Coming In Exclusive Outputs

Posted by faacgatesystems on May 9th, 2017

FAAC-400 is one such effective device that can possibly help you to overcome all your difficulties. It is a great device used to automatically operate doors at homes or at any commercial place. A lot of people from around the world had made use of this technology and have availed benefits out of it.

You too can fulfill all your requirements using this device. All you need to do is install one at your place and see the results all by yourself. FAAC is one of the widely known firms who deals in manufacturing and supply of hydraulic motor engines. If you are in need of something that will help you to automatically control the doors, you can no doubt opt for FAAC 400.


A simple answer to the above question is that it offers great flexibility and security. Since, it can be used anywhere from apartments to commercial places, hence it offers much efficient work environment for all. Therefore it is no doubt a better option to go with automated doors rather going with manual ones.

FAAC model 400 is designed to operate in harsh conditions. It can be used for heavy duty work. For instance, if you have 1300 lbs manually operated door installed at your commercial place, you can easily install FAAC model 400 in it.

The device is capable to provide 125 degree swing to door arm if required. Moreover, it also allows the door to open in both directions. All you need to do is install the system at your doors and read the manual for once. It offers great deal of convenience to the owner.


  • Comes with hydraulic gate operators.

  • Requires 115 volt AC supply which is quite efficient.

  • Capable of doing heavy duty works.

  • Provide waning signal of any obstacles.

  • Can be used anywhere as per requirements.

  • Capable to swing doors to 125 degrees.

  • Wide opens any gate within 17 seconds


FAAC 400 certainly is a great device to use. If this is your first time getting a automated door system, this is probably the device that you will need. Since, it offers a wide range of services; there is no doubt in it that you will get maximum benefit out of it. The only thing at you need to do is get in touch with the professionals who can provide you with installation services.



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