Great Leadership Skills of Project Management

Posted by Aana Thomas on May 9th, 2017

Leadership is a discriminating variable in the whole undertaking system, and the vitality of leadership is creating with the extending measures of overall wanders. As people from over the globe work altogether on social occasion undertaking targets, leadership and an extraordinary gathering environment are needed for accomplishment. A perfect undertaking leader is consistently depicted as having a long for where to go and the ability to clear it. Visionary prosper with change and having the ability to draw new points of confinement. It was once said that a leader is some individual who "lifts us up, accommodates us a reason behind being and gives the vision and soul to change." Visionary leaders enable people to feel they have an authentic stake in the endeavour. They empower people to experience the vision on their own. As demonstrated by Bennis "They offer people opportunities to make their vision, to explore what the vision will propose to their livelihoods and lives, and to envision their future as a gimmick of the vision for the companionship."

A Project leader can best be portrayed as a robust person who gives the substance that holds the meeting together in like’s way reason at the right target. Set up for a meeting to headway from a social affair of pariahs to a singular solid unit, the leader must fathom the method and components required for this transformation. He or she ought to similarly know the best possible leadership style to use all through every one period of gathering change. The leader ought to moreover have an understanding of the different agreeable people styles and how to addition by each at the right time, for the issue close by.

According to P.F. Drucker, “Leadership style is the lifting of man’s visions to higher sight, the raising of a man’s performance to a higher standard, the building of a man’s personality beyond its normal limitations”. A project leader show a zeal for their work, backed up by great physical, mental and emotional energy. Since successful leadership calls for the highest psychological and physical traits, it is pertinent to note some of the essential characteristics or qualities of a project leader. It is however, be mentioned here that the traits or qualities listed below do not guarantee good project leadership. The most one can say is that there is better-than-chance probability that a project leader will have more of the qualities than one of his followers. Generally, the following required qualities are found in successful project leaders:

  • Intelligence, which is somewhat higher than possessed by the follower.
  • Broad interests and sound educational background
  • Technical competence
  • Power of judgement and ability to take prompt decisions.
  • Initiative and creative thinking
  • Intellectual maturity and emotional steadiness including power of personality and scientific trend of mind.
  • Sense of responsibility
  • Ability to understand and to get along with people
  • A sense of social purpose and direction
  • Alterness to and insight into situation
  • Ability to inspire and integrate, teach and guide
  • Verbal facility and ability to communicate with subordinate
  • Enthusiasm and faith
  • Physical and nervous energy
  • Managerial skill such as technical, human and conceptual skill
  • Service motive

The above list is not exhaustive of the project leader’s qualities, but it indicates a correlation between some qualities and success. The most efficient leadership style that will be suitable for the project would be the participative or democratic leadership style. A democratic leadership style will motivate the employees to the fullest. The participative leadership styles allows the leaders to encourage the engagement of the members in the decision making process. A collective decision formed would be favourable for the leader and the workers as well and it will also result in less conflicts and improved motivation.

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