75% Compressed Acetylene Carbon Black Powder

Posted by RachelHJM83 on May 9th, 2017

Compress acetylene carbon black powder with helical exhaust, and make its volume per unit weight mass reach one fourth of the powder to gain 75% compressed acetylene carbon black. Compared with acetylene carbon black powder, 75% compressed acetylene carbon black boasts smaller volume, is convenient for shipment and saves transportation costs.

In the rubber industry, often the conventional mixing method is used to mix a certain amount of carbon black into the rubber of known density. As a conductive filler, conductive carbon black is added into rubber, plastics and other polymers to form carbon black - polymer composite materials. The conductivity of the carbon black-polymer composites depends on the conductivity of the carbon black. With different conductive properties, it can have conductive, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding and other effects. Conductive plastics and rubber fillers are mainly super carbon, conductive carbon black, graphite, carbon fiber, metal powder, metal fiber and glass fiber. Among them, carbon black filler is the mainstream, and carbon black filled conductive polymer is the most widely used. This is because the conductive carbon black has small density, low costs, and is easy to disperse and process in the polymer materials. Besides, according to different electrical conductivity needs, carbon black offers more choices with lasting and stable conductivity.

75% compressed acetylene carbon black of our company is widely used in:

1.The turnover box, trays, stents, packaging film, anti-static carpet etc. used by the anti-static electronic components in the turnover, storage, handling process, copier roll, nylon conveyor belt, mine LDPE and so on.

2.Anti-static coatings, paints, adhesives: Carbon black is a kind of commonly used conductive material with favorable conductivity and a cheap price.

3.Structural microwave absorbing materials: Acetylene black carbon is the electrical-loss inorganic absorbing material, which has a good wave absorption function, and a cheap price. This type of material can reduce the scattering of electromagnetic waves, and withstand a certain load. It’s lighter than the average metal material, and has a certain strength and stiffness, and it has been applied.

4.As catalyst material, it can catalyze and enhance activity of toluene diisocyanate (one of the raw materials of sponge).

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