50% Compressed Acetylene Carbon Black Powder

Posted by RachelHJM on May 9th, 2017

Compress acetylene carbon black powder with helical exhaust, and make its volume per unit weight mass reach a half of the powder to gain 50% compressed acetylene carbon black. Compared with acetylene carbon black powder, 50% compressed acetylene carbon black boasts smaller volume, is convenient for shipment and saves transportation costs.

Acetylene carbon black has a series of unique and excellent properties, such as high degree of graphitization and developed branch structure, so it has excellent electrical conductivity, strong adsorption and dispersion properties, which makes it become a significant material in the zinc-manganese batteries, battery plates, including lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries, lithium-ion batteries. During calcium carbide pyrolysis, the by-gas is decomposed to gain 99% purity refined acetylene which goes through continuous pyrolysis to gain the acetylene carbon black supplied by our company. After heating the inner temperature of the reactor to over 800 ° C, the acetylene decomposition initiation temperature, acetylene is introduced to start thermal decomposition. Due to the exothermic reaction, the reaction can be carried out automatically. In order to obtain a stable mass, the reaction temperature should be maintained at about 1800 ° C. The furnace temperature can be controlled by the water cooling jacket of the outer cylinder of the reaction furnace.

Compared with the furnace carbon black, its crystallization and secondary structure are more developed, so the conductivity and liquid absorption are also more excellent. Due to few heavy metals and other impurities, so the loss caused by self-discharge is little, and storage performance is also better. Acetylene carbon black structure is high, and can make the electric core mixture become porous in order to absorb more electrolyte to reduce the battery internal resistance, and eliminate harmful side effects caused by impurities. Therefore, the discharge performance and service life of the battery are enhanced. Compared with the conductive carbon black by the oil furnace method, acetylene carbon black can reduce the specific capacity loss of lithium batteries and the price is cheap.

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