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Posted by ownher12 on May 10th, 2017

Just now, Bioware swtor buy credits gave a sneak peek of KOTET Story and repeatable chapters before the steam. It showcases KOTET Chapters and show the difference between story and veteran difficulty. Moreover, it highlights that players can repeat chapters to keep earning companion influence with LS/DS points.

1. Commendation > credit and item costs in KOTET

The addition of Rank 5/6 Companion Gifts signs that buying them directly won’t be the optimal way. Training companion will award you companion gifts in command crates.

2. Repeatable Chapters & Challenge Modes

Players will have the right to feedback on replayability and story difficulty. We have reported before that story and veteran modes will come at launch, and Master mode follows. Besides, here others things need to be marked in advance:
(1) All 25 chapters from KOTFE and KOTET are available, but bonus HK chapter is only available on story mode. Besides, players
(2) Players can try different choices in a Chapter to see their impact and earn dark or light side points.
(3) Players can repeat chapters to keep earning companion influence with LS/DS points.
(4) New interface to launch Chapters and change difficulties.

3. Veteran Difficulty

We have had a brief introduction for three challenge modes, icluding Veteran Mode, before. But now, you should keep in mind that:
(1) It is available from your first playthrough.
(2) 60-70 for KOTFE, 65-70 for KOTET chapters. So now level up your characters with cheap swtor credits for KOTET!
(3) Balance for mid-tier end game gear and an influence Level 20 companion.
(4) Players can scale difficulty down at anytime, even during the Chapter. Scaling difficulty up requires to restart the chapter. So you cannot blow through the trash at easier difficulty and then turn it up for bosses.
(5) New achievements to earn for playing on higher difficulty.
(6) You can play with your friends on the Veteran difficulty.
(7) Damage seems to be scaled up on trash, to make wading through trash more annoying.

Knights of the Eternal Throne will bring a brand new game play for all swtor fans, with three challenge modes and Galactic Command. But the premise is to level your characters to 65. Action now!

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