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Posted by Wen on May 10th, 2017

NBA rappers would have been admonished years ago NFL 18 Coins for not sticking to sports, Lillard’s foray was celebrated. Where the general demonization of rap would have caused uneasiness about the project, Lillard’s endeavor was supported by the league, his fellow players, and the fans.A big reason is that social media has helped Lillard to not only showcase his own skills, but to use rap as a connecting link with the rest of the world.

His famous BarFridays that he started in 2013 challenged fans and his colleagues to display their skills at the end of each week. Draymond Green, Paul George, and even LeBron James have been participants. Lillard, of course, always had the best bars. This, along with his appearance on Sway In The Morning, legitimized him so well that by the time he was —in my opinion— winning Chance the

 Rapper’s #SoGoneChallenge, his ability and wholesome approach were highly regarded. He was good, fun, and clean. In terms of technical skill, Lillard is the best among the basketball player-turned-rappers group. Shaq may be the king of sales, but Lillard makes the rest of them seem elementary. Without even the player-turned-rapper qualifier, he’s just good at rapping. The usual defect for young rappers or young creatives in general is that they overcompensate.

They try too hard in an effort to prove that elysium gold wow they belong. Kobe, for example, tried to imitate Canibus so much on his single “K.O.B.E” that his rapid-fire, faux-intellectual style became laughable.Lillard doesn’t do that. He has confidence in his flow. It’s become so well-developed and personal that he comes off more as a veteran of the game rather than a rookie. His niche seems to be storytelling, and he mirrors. For more news,please visit the website

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