How to Recognize Pure Ladies Leather Jackets?

Posted by houseofleather on May 10th, 2017

Leather jackets can never get backdated and it will continue dominating the fashion world with its elegance, sophistication and glamour. Leather products are always in fashion and they are simply evergreen. Leather jackets are expensive purchases so it is very important that you know how to identify pure leather jacket and differentiate it from the fake or synthetic ones. Ladies Leather Jackets are available indifferent colors and also in some places in designer form. Pick up the one that enhances your persona and defines your style.

Leather jacket are available in the market hugely, but not all can claim to be made of pure leather. Leather garment shops are also there, but all cannot be trusted and known for sure that genuine leather garments can be availed from them. You need to inspect the product and verify it from all angles possible to be sure of its authenticity.

Below are some of the points which will help you to be able to differentiate the genuine one from the fake leather jackets or products. These are

1. Press into the leather using your fingers to find creases and wrinkles. Real leather will always develop wrinkles under the thrust, just like your skin. Synthetic materials generally depress down under the pressure of finger, retaining rigidity and shape. This way with the pressure of your own finger, you can identify pure leather.

2. As already said real leather will have wrinkles, creases and as such imperfections. If your leather jacket is marked with scratches then it is a sign of its being made of pure leather. Buy it.

3. If you jacket smells like plastic or any chemical then it is not made of pure leather.

4. Pure leather does not catch flame easily and smells a bit like burnt hair. It is not being suggested you set your jacket on fire or set flame on jacket after visiting a store for testing its purity but yes it is true.

5. Edges of leather jacket can never be cleanly cut. Pure leather jacket will always have rough edges.

6. Drop a few drops of water on your leather jacket and if it is pure, then it will absorb it within few seconds. This is a very convenient and doable test for pure leather products. Fake leather products cannot absorb water.

7. Looking for affordable leather jacket? Do not day dream please! Pure leather jackets will be one of the priciest additions to your wardrobe. They can never be cheap or even affordable for people with limited budget.

These points provided will help the readers make quality purchasing decision when going out to buy pure leather jackets or bags or whatever they wish for.

Ladies Leather Jackets are available in various colors also apart from all-time favorite and gorgeous Black, Red and White. Pink, Blue, Brown and even Yellow leather jackets are liked a lot by female fashion enthusiasts.

This is an expensive investment so try buying it from old, very reputed and reliable big leather product stores. The ones which are doing the business longest can be trusted or else they would not have survived in the market.

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