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Knowledge retention | The necessary and sufficient condition for enhanced productivity

Posted by EdSherly on May 10th, 2017

‘Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.’ – Benjamin Franklin

Retaining knowledge is difficult but not impossible. Brain is primarily the storehouse of all that individuals learn. But it’s possible to retain everything just in the time of its need. Research shows that on an average only 30% of the information that we learn remains; the rest mingles with other information feeds and goes haywire. Knowledge retention can save, time energy and above all the cost of re-learning.

If you are a student studying under a specific course structure, or an employee undergoing a specific training, it is important that you try methods to retain what you learn. Even as a teacher or an employer, you must keep track to the extent your pupils are absorbing your imparted skills. Knowledge retention techniques can not only save your money but your time and effort as well.

Knowledge retention solutions aim to provide users with the respective programs that will help them retain information. Loss of information can be a mess and it can be too stressful to remember everything that you learnt.

3 knowledge retention solutions that experts stress on:

Assessment and proper structuration

Retention training providers South Africa are of the opinion that not understanding the knowledge can be critical. Chances are high that if you do not understand the basics of what you have learnt, it will be harder to remember it when in need. This type of solution includes:

- Prevention of knowledge flow in one direction:

A senior employer may try to make his employees understand the details of a particular work. But if he isn’t confident himself or is bad teacher, knowledge does not percolate to the employees. Proper Knowledge retention techniques can come in here as a boost.

- Indigenous motivators:

One may choose to make the learning process more exciting and ponder on constant appraisals. This liquidates the flow of knowledge and in all probabilities knowledge application comes out automatically.

- Personalization benefits:

Connecting to more and more people will enhance your knowledge retention skills. Constant valid addition to the existing knowledge is a boon.

Prioritizing Information:

Individuals often tend to ignore more relevant information over irrelevant ones. Information overload may be dangerous and it may result in complete knowledge abduction. Knowledge retention solutions stress on decentralizing the information learnt or obtained; so that the most relevant substance comes up in time of need.

Help from training providers:

There are separate trainers who help individuals to retain the more important information and get rid of irrelevant ones. The use of a signifier may come to your rescue. Say that you learn about international trade and its benefit on your country but tend to forget most of it the next day.

The sight of a balance sheet (say) may help you link to all that you have learnt in no time. Additionally knowledge retention solutions aim to keep a track of all that you learn in a single day. There are mobile apps which help you to note down most of the relevant information.

Imagine the benefits of raising the 30% retention capability to 60%. Thus you spend half the time that you needed earlier in re-learning. Knowledge retention helps to improve productivity and enhances student performance on a broader basis.

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