Cutting Edge Prostate Cancer Treatment Options

Posted by hifumedicalexpert on May 10th, 2017

When you are diagnosed with prostate cancer, your doctor might recommend a number of different options, some of which are cutting edge, such as HIFU prostate cancer treatment. You will have to look into options like prostate cancer treatment with HIFU to help make the best decision for you. Make sure that you look at things like how HIFU cancer treatment for the prostate works and consider your cancer and its stage when making this decision. You can also explore websites like to get more detailed information about this cancer and HIFU cancer treatment for the prostate and the other options available to you.

HIFU Procedure for Prostate Cancer

HIFU prostate cancer treatment utilizes ultrasound technology for helping to treat cancer. Prostate cancer treatment using HIFU is a minor procedure that allows doctors to direct the sound waves of ultrasound technology to the tumor. It is used to treat a full tumor on the prostate that is small, or a portion of a larger tumor. Your doctor will tell you if it is being used with other options to treat this type of cancer.

Gene and Vaccine Therapy

Gene therapy looks at the gene-expression profiles of the prostate tumor. This is a very new treatment option, so the research is ongoing and more is learned on a regular basis. This is a very personalized approach that helps doctors to target a patient’s cancer very precisely. It attacks specific cancer causes to ensure fully tailored treatment. Vaccine therapy works on the molecular level to treat cancer. It introduces substances into the body to fight cancer on this level.

Molecular-Targeted Therapy

This is a cancer treatment option that is personalized to the patient being treated. It focuses on what is driving the growth of cancer in a patient and the treatments strive to interrupt the molecular abnormalities that are associated with this. Research is ongoing to uncover more targets that can be focused on for this method of treatment. Some have been discovered and when utilizing this treatment option, doctors will begin by exploring these.

Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy

This is a cutting edge radiation therapy option your doctor might discuss with you. The purpose is to kill cancer cells while preserving healthy surrounding tissues. This is considerably more precise compared to traditional radiation therapies. The dose of radiation you receive is specific and determined based on the shape, size and location of the tumor. The sculpted doses of radiation are delivered with a computer-controlled device, ensuring that every tumor characteristic is accounted for and treated. This method uses laser accuracy and the doctor administering the treatment can make adjustments as needed to ensure that the specific tumor is getting the precise dose necessary. With this method, doctors can use higher doses compared to traditional radiation.

As you can see, HIFU prostate cancer treatment and other cutting edge methods provide you with a variety of treatment options. You want to get the basics concerning HIFU cancer treatment for the prostate and your other options so that you understand what makes them work. Your doctor will provide you with recommendations concerning the best options for you, including treatment methods like prostate cancer treatment with HIFU and others, so make sure to ask questions and take an active role in your treatment to ensure the most comprehensive care.

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