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Posted by sanjay on May 10th, 2017

It is always exciting to travel across the globe for short break or holidays with your family members and loved one. But what about insurance coverage if you face any miss happening during your trip? It was one of the most discussed issues last year on web why you must have international travel insurance policy for abroad trip to make your tour safe as well as your co-travelers (family/parents). But what about life insurance, health insurance or mediclaim which you already have? Do you still need travel insurance along with life and health cover plan?

So with this travel insurance blog I will just go through to explain here advantage of travel insurance policy over life/medical insurance and the best way to buy & claim travel insurance policy. Just check it out-

Advantage of Overseas Travel Insurance

Travel insurance covers the medical expenses cost.

Travel insurance also covers emergency medical assistance cost.

Travel insurance provides claim if you are hospitalized in abroad.

Also provides repatriation claim when you return back after medical treatment.

It covers non-refunded transpiration cost and other abroad financial lost.

It also provides claim for personal liability like you hurt any third-party property.

Travel insurance also provides sort cover if you get involved in litigation (lawsuit) during visit.

Claim for luggage lost, flight cancellation, passport lost and more…

How To Buy Good Travel Insurance Policy

It looks very easy to buy travel insurance plan online from insurance companies as there are some most trusted and leading insurers in India which provides all types of insurance policy including travel insurance. So anyone can buy travel insurance easily, even once you contact insurers to buy any policy, they will follow you to provide you better one. So what is the concern here?

The main concern is about what type of policy you are looking for. Peoples always look for cheap insurance policy whenever they plan to purchase travel cover plan and it may be the biggest mistake. However, you can save some amount with low-priced policy, but risk factor may increase multiple times because your coverage amount will also decease. So if you face any bad situation during trip and you need to hospitalize for few days in abroad, then you will have to bear some amount since you have very low coverage and abroad hospital/ medical charges are much higher than India.

So don’t compromise with your health whenever you plan an international trip. Always buy maximum coverage plan which can secure you from any miss-happening and enjoy your holidays without facing any financial issue.

How To Claim Travel Insurance

It doesn’t matter how good your insurance provider is, it is the toughest job to claim your travel insurance or any other policy. Insurer is not going to provide you expense claim very easily, so keep the expenses documents appropriately after the trip is completed, as it will be needed to claim the amount. Make sure that what documents you are getting of your expenses, must be valid and original. And keep a xerox copy of every original documents before submit for claim.

So, if you follow all above tips during trip or after visiting from abroad. It will become easier to buy and claim travel insurance policy.


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