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Posted by RachelHJM on May 10th, 2017

The positive electrode of zn-mn dry battery is composed of manganese dioxide, acetylene black, solid ammonium chloride and proper electrolyte. The active material manganese dioxide of the positive electrode is a semiconductor with poor conductivity, and the the electrode merely consisting of manganese dioxide can’t work effectively. So, to increase the conductivity of the positive electrode, acetylene black is used as a conductive material for the positive electrode. Through pyrolysis of calcium carbide, the by-gas is decomposed and produces refined acetylene of over 99% purity. Through continuous pyrolysis of the acetylene, our company gets the acetylene black carbon. After the inside of the reactor is heated to the temperature of 800 ° C or higher where acetylene decomposition starts, acetylene is introduced to start thermal decomposition. Due to the exothermic reaction, the reaction can be carried out automatically. In order to obtain a stable mass, the reaction temperature should be maintained at about 1800 ° C. The furnace temperature can be controlled by the water jacket of the outer cylinder of the reaction furnace. Compared with the furnace carbon black, its crystallization and secondary structure is more developed, so the conductivity and liquid absorption is also more excellent. Due to few heavy metals and other impurities, the loss caused by self-discharge is little, and storage performance is better, making it a necessary material among positive electrode mixture of zinc-manganese dry cell.

Tip: In order to make liquid components of the carbon battery not flow and reduce the internal resistance of the primary battery, many materials have been used, including natural stone powder and plaster. In the end, acetylene black is found to be the most suitable.

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