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Why Is Action Learning Important For Leaders?

Posted by lindahudson on May 11th, 2017

In most of the companies, the management programs focus around imparting new skills to the leadership. But is the success of all such programs reflects the performance of the organizations? The answer to this question lies in experiential learning.

This action learning for the leaders is simple, and the leaders can master it by having a dedicated objective. In almost every organization the fundamental business execution skill is a gap which is readily identified by the senior leaders.

Action Learning

It tries to bring the thought process and actions into harmony. While learning is a continuous process, in this individuals can control their learning experience. The popularity of the action learning is increasing by the day as more and more companies are recognizing the importance.

Many organizations struggle to develop leaders as they just lack the definition of leadership. Everyone expects that leaders will think systemically and make decisions from the organization's perspective. These decisions will add to the revenues of the organization and will also allow employees to perform to their maximum.

Understanding the Action Learning Program With An Example

It is important to realize how a simple action learning program will look like. In such a program, leaders and managers work collaboratively to create a vision for the organization. The team also creates a business value proposition and pitches it to the senior management. It involves implementing important projects which will boost the revenue of the organization, decrease costs and improve business agility.

This leadership program asks the involved managers and leaders to think creatively and motivate the team for higher growth. They learn practically and work on real projects and the results of which can be measured practically.

Learning That Lasts

In this learning, the leaders learn practical things such as viewing the organization from a macro perspective. They learn to understand and execute a business strategy; they also create a high performance and motivating work environment. They learn how to become more innovative and creative and take more meaningful and visible action.

The participants of the program get particular focus and mentoring which enables them to take on the future challenges and lead the organization towards the growth path.

Thus action learning programs are important for organizations that have to groom their leaders so that they can deliver the expectations of their investors.

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