The so-called procreation scene is no longer covered

Posted by ufgbghd on May 12th, 2017

The so-called procreation scene is no longer covered, the Senate explained. According to the chairman, Eva Spangler, there is an inviolable and absolutely protected area of life, especially sexuality. The right to hold the mirror to someone is not unrestricted.
Under the threat of an administrative fine of 250,000 euros, the Court of First Instance condemned Schröder, the 72-year-old Wepper with regard to the generation of his child with a far more young woman "than 1.50 meters of concentrated eroticism, with 40 kilos too much on the artificial hip, Carrying an artificial bit and putting it into the bag while kissing, and then calling on the spectators to imagine the image of the child's procreation and to call "iiiiiiii as an expression of disgust".
Wepper's lawyer Norman Synek had spoken of a violation of human dignity and demanded 25,000 euros for pain relief, but the court dismissed it. Schröder's shower scene Wigsen, in which Wepper plays with a lifeless "miniwepper", must also be accepted by the actor. This presentation still falls under the freedom of art and satire, the Senate explained. Revision was not allowed.
Schröder does not have a pardon for his own privacy
Atze Schröder has targeted three other prominent late fathers, but in a milder form. About Wepper, he once again made fun of himself in a talk show by Markus Lanz. With its own privacy, the Comedian takes it very precisely. The man with the curly wig and the blue-tinted glasses has managed to remain largely anonymous - the Internet encyclopaedia Wikipedia removed his bourgeois name from his biography in order to avoid a process.

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