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Posted by Tom Eric on May 12th, 2017

Do you frequently fall ill due to a sudden change in environmental conditions around you? Our living environment or the atmosphere, in scientific terms, is comprised of  several things like temperature, humidity, dew point, wind speed and its direction, airborne particles, AC or DC power/current/voltage, water levels, pressure flow distance levels, strain/force/load/weight/mass, noise & vibration and much more. All of these factors keep on influencing our daily lives. And if there is any change in the desired levels of these parameters, we are bound to be impacted in some way or the other. Also, in case of scientific projects and researches, these atmospheric conditions play an important role to carry out the work effectively. If any of these is altered, the development and research work will not yield the desired results.

Of all these constituents of the atmosphere, temperature is the most important. A sudden change in the temperature can make you ill and in the same way can change the course of an industrial process. Most of the mechanical and electrical equipment are temperature-dependent and work only upon a prescribed range of temperature. Some of the places where temperature is needed to be monitored continuously are  laboratories, pharmacies, nursing and medical institutions, food processing units & kitchens and even regular homes. Next comes the humidity and pressure that mostly affect the operation of HVAC and refrigeration devices. Facilities like clean rooms, computer server rooms, warehouses and other remote areas need climate-controlled environment with right temperature and humidity.

So, during the course of industrial processes and scientific projects, environmental monitoring system can be employed to track these components and maintain the right atmosphere in order to get the optimum results. Now, this monitoring system is available in the form of wireless systems and sensors that are free from any kind of wiring and make use of software technology to read signals. There is no requirement of a person sitting by their side and recording the logs at different points of time. Also, these sensors send continuous alerts and messages to the connected devices such as computers and smart phones when the environment conditions undergo any changes at any point. Apart from monitoring temperature and humidity, water detection sensors, Co2 sensors, PH sensors are also installed in most of the premises.

You can install wireless environmental monitoring system in your premises if you are involved in some kind of sensitive work. Many companies are providing them through their websites that you can easily explore over the web.

The writer is a blogger. This article is about web based environmental monitoring system and its effects.

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