Pharmacy Temperature Monitoring System: Its Need, Working & Prime Benefits

Posted by Tom Eric on May 12th, 2017

Medications have the ability to harm as well as heal, and they are being monitored more closely than ever in efforts to protect our communities from these inherent dangers. It is critically important for pharmacists to take steps that ensure patients have access to quality medications that have been stored in a proper temperature-controlled environment.

Why the need of temperature monitoring system In pharmaceutical sector:

The prime objective here is to keep our communities healthy and our medications safe, every step of the way. From compounding medication, to the time of sale and the point of administering the product to patients, there is a need to continually monitor the fabrication, storage and transfer of these products both inside and outside of controlled areas. For medications that are exposed to the air, sterilization is key for maintaining proper quality control and the integrity of the product.

What it does:

The pharmacy community is facing unprecedented compliance challenges and close regulatory scrutiny. As a matter of fact, they  have adopted temperature monitoring systems throughout their facilities, that could be configured and maintained by people with average technical skills and could be used by people with little or no training.

The system should utilize inexpensive yet reliable and easy to apply remote data acquisition devices. A “push” model should be used whereby measurements are sent to the server when the data is ready, rather than being polled by the server (as is done in most SCADA systems). The remote units should communicate with the CIMScan server using standard networks and protocols (i.e.: TCP/IP). In every case, the data acquisition devices must have the ability to store measurement data if communications with the server are interrupted. During this time, local alarm detection and display unit must be provided.

Benefits of Pharmacy temperature monitoring system:

With the help of this system at place, a member of the team gets notified the moment a system enters into alarm, granting them time to properly address the situation, and react in a manner that saves the product involved. No more manual checks for temperature readings or the possibility of missing an outage. The automated system will always monitor this information for you and alert you in real-time through the software located on your computer system.

Pharmacies are an important part of our communities, and patient’s  safety will always be the topmost priority when it comes to storing and compounding medications.

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