Why to choose High Pressure Laminates?

Posted by Deepak Kumar on May 12th, 2017

High pressure laminates are a form of decorative laminates in which layers of Kraft paper impregnated with melamine resin are infused with decorative paper and a protective overlay. In the final step, the resulting laminate is attached to the substrates at high temperature and pressures. The difference lies in the range of pressure used in the manufacturing of low pressure laminates.

Designers and architects also recommend high pressure laminates for a variety of furniture and cabinetry needs.

Benefits of high pressure laminates:

  • Durability: As manufactured under high pressure, these laminates are highly durable and preferred choice at hospitals, hotels, restaurants, laboratories and office spaces as well.
  • Variety: High pressure laminates are available in various specifications in terms of looks, colours, patterns and thickness.
  • Versatility: These laminates are highly versatile and are used in vertical surfaces like windows, doors and horizontal ones like countertops and tabletops. They are also used in cabinets and floorings.
  • Damage-Free: High pressure laminates are resistant to chemicals and heat and are also prone to wear and tear, scratches and cracks
  • Maintenance: These laminates are easy to maintain and clean and doesn't accumulate dirt easily.
  • Hygiene: High pressure laminates are counted among the most hygienic materials in construction. Manufacturers use anti-bacterial coatings and antifungal additives to make them free from microbes.

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