How to Remove Unwanted Hair From Bikini Area

Posted by Jennifer Kandemir on May 12th, 2017

There are not many ways to get rid of unwanted body hair permanently, and the conventional methods do not always give content results. More than anything, traditional methods come with painful repercussions like ingrown hair, red bumps, cuts, itchiness, and appalling skin reactions. Traditional methods may also lead to darkening of the skin and hyper-pigmentation. So there aren’t many options left, other than laser hair removal for a lasting, non-problematic solution.

Since quite a while, bikini laser hair removal treatment has been persistently expanding so is the number of women who are satisfied with the procedure. Also different practices, for example, waxing and shaving, are not lasting for which people are increasingly picking laser hair treatment. If you often wear a bikini, you know the rush to remove them. However, it is not just for style or corrective purposes that pubic hair is disposed of. There is more to laser treatment than just cosmetic concern when treating the bikini area. The area may have common skin and hair problems like infection and inflammation of the hair follicles. A few ladies encounter issues, for example, irritation of hair follicles called folliculitis and contaminations, including embarrassing smells and thrush. This can happen because of normal liquid release that gets in the pubic hair. The laser treatment can be very helpful moreover comfortable in such circumstances.

How it works:

Treatment on the bikini area is relatively permanent, quick, and maintenance free after about 3-4 sessions. There is also a reduction in ingrown hair or other problems that come along with old school hair removal methods. In laser treatment, hair follicles are destroyed that hardly causesany uneasiness. Using extremely concentrated energy, hair follicles are targeted, and pulses of light are discharged. Every pulse of the laser takes a fraction of a second and can treat much hair at the same time. Lasers selectively target dark, coarse hair keeping the surrounding skin undamaged. The laser can treat an area roughly the size of a quarter each second so laser hair removal for bikini line can be treated in less than an hour. Clinics with high-quality practices and experience in laser hair removal choose the appropriate laser treatment, according to skin color, hair color, density, and thickness for best results.

There are some things that you need to keep in mind before going for laser hair removal treatment around the bikini line.

You must not expose the area to the sun before the treatment; sunscreen should be applied whenever exposure to the sun is inevitable.

Before your appointment, it is important to clean and shave the area to be treated. One can do it day or night before the appointment.

Safeguarding the root and the color of the hair is essential to the success of the laser treatment. You must steer clear of plucking, bleaching or waxing the hair for six weeks prior to treatment.

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