Cable Shielding Material

Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

Power cables (insulated shield, conductive shield, strippable cable, sheath, etc.)

On the one hand, conductive carbon black coated on the cable insulation layer as a cable shield can reduce the cable internal transmission signal leakage, reduce external electromagnetic radiation pollution, and makes information more confidential; On the other hand, it can effectively protect the external electromagnetic environment from interfering Internal signal of the cable, and ensure the quality of signal transmission.

Add the conductive filler to the insulting polymer to gain the conductive coating, and the added conductive filler is generally divided into metal filler and carbon-based filler. The metal filler is usually copper powder, silver powder and nickel powder. These three fillers have favorable shielding performance as well as shortcomings. Copper is not stable, silver is expensive, and nickel shielding performance in low-high frequency is poor; although the conductivity of the carbon-based conductive filler is inferior to that of the metal filler and can’t disperse in the base material easily, the filler is gradually stressed because of its low price, stability and that it will not settle in the system easily. Through surface processing of the cable insulating layer directly, the conductive coating enables the cable to have favorable shielding performance, and reduces the weight and size of the cable.

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