Conductive Plastic

Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

As a conductive filler, conductive carbon black is added into rubber, plastics and other polymers to form carbon black-polymer composite materials. The conductivity of the carbon black-polymer composites depends on the conductivity of the carbon black. With different conductive properties, it can have conductive, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding and other effects.

Conductive carbon black of our company boasts super conductivity, high-structural nature, irregular and small aggregates (nano-level), and can evenly mix with other materials easily. It can form three-dimensional network structure conductive path in the insulator (such as plastic), enable the insulator to be conductive so that the insulation material gains the anti-static and conductive ability. It can effectively increase performance and scope of products. For example, the mine ventilation pipe replaces the steel pipes with conductive plastic pipes because plastics boast aging resistance, static electricity can be derived, and it’s easy to operate. Conductive carbon black has the characteristics of small particle size, high structure, pure and rough surface, hollow capsule shape and so on. It can effectively form three-dimensional network structure in the insulator and improve the conductivity. Conductive carbon black is used in rubber, plastics, coatings and other industries for its favorable anti-static effect, and it can avoid discharge caused by charging which influences production safety. Conductive carbon black boasts the best effects, lowest costs and doesn’t influence the physical properties among all conductive fillers.

Application examples of conductive plastic include: conductive film, used as a computer keyboard, mobile phone panels and other planar heating element. Conductive plastic can also be used as a heat source. Give conductive plastic the voltage, after the current goes by, resistance produces joule heat.

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