Conductive Silicon And Rubber

Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

Conductive rubber is the elastic and conductive material made of the elastic body with conductive filler. The development experience at home and abroad has shown that electrical silicone is the best base of conductive rubber. It has excellent insulation. When filled with conductive material, it can have the required conductivity. The conductive filler used in carbon: graphite, carbon black, carbon fiber or graphite fiber.

Decompose byproduct gas in calcium carbide pyrolysis to gain the acetylene of which purity is more than 99%, and through continuous thermal decomposition, gain acetylene carbon black. Acetylene carbon black has the characteristics of high structure, fine particles, low volatile content, low ash content, good solid conductivity and little addition. It is suitable for conductive rubber, plastic and coating products which need very good conductive effect. Acetylene carbon black can give products high conductivity.

From the experimental formula in Table 1 and Fig. 1, we can see that with the increase of the amount of acetylene black, the volumetric resistivity of the vulcanizate decreases. When it exceeds 30 phr, the volume resistivity of the rubber decreases rapidly. When the amount of acetylene black is more than 40 phr, the volume resistivity of the rubber decreases slowly, and the minimum volume resistivity is less than 4.5 Ω • cm, which is close to the high conductive grade composite elastic conductive material. Acetylene carbon black reinforcement system can meet the basic mechanical properties, and it’s very effective reinforcing agent for conductive silicone rubber.

Conductive silicone rubber has been widely used in the modern industry. General-purpose conductive silicone rubber is mainly used in electronic equipment switch electric shock, liquid crystal display, high-voltage cable semiconducting layer, coal mine transportation tape, mine air duct, laser printer, electrostatic copier anti-static roller, anti-static plastic sheet in the hospital operating room, the hose in medical machinery, anti-static flooring in electronic production, gloves, wrist, carpets, air (aircraft) tire surface, labor protection products, anti-static safety helmet, safety shoes etc.

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