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Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

During processing, assembly, packaging, transportation and other production processes, electronic components such as integrated circuit blocks, FETs and transistors are often damaged partially or even completely because of static caused by vibration and friction. The static sensitivity of these electronic components ranges from 100 volts to 10,000 volts. A few hundred volts or even thousands of volts of static electricity can be produced easily. Some experiments show that when people walks on the dry carpet in low temperature environment, there can be 5,000 volts of static electricity; when they touch plastic containers with rubber gloves, there can be 6,000 volts of static electricity; even if they don’t wear the gloves, there can be 200 volts of static electricity.

Thus, in this field, anti-static measures are quite important. Conductive plastics filled with conductive carbon black can fully meet anti-static needs of such materials. The main products include: the turnover box, the tray, the holder and the packaging film of electronic components during turnover, custody and transport. In addition, anti-static carpets and copier rollers are also included.

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