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Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

Fused zirconia is a kind of brand new high-grade refractory material with high melting point, thermal stability, and chemical stability, widely used in steel production, glass production, non-ferrous metals production, engineering ceramics, refractory ceramics, lining refractory, abrasives, pigment, AZS refractory,glass furnace, refractory brick and other industries. Moreover, fused zirconia oxide was be produced excellent properties of refractory products which require high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, erosion resistance, good chemical stability, small coefficient of thermal conductivity, high hardness and wear-resistant. Such as: sizing nozzle, sliding plate, zirconium mullite, mouthpiece, ceramic nozzle, crucible, ceramic pigment, surface coating, abrasive, grinding medium, engineering ceramics, and kiln furniture.

The advantages of ZrO2 refractory products are superior fireproof performance, using temperature can reach 2500 ℃, they are very stable in oxidation or reduction condition, and erosion resistance of them are very strong for a lot of molten metal and slag. In addition, ZrO2 products have electrical conductivity when the temperature is above 1000 ℃.

Fused zirconium dioxide has two important applications in continuous casting products and casing AZS refractory materials. Firstly, fused zirconium dioxide is used in continuous casting refractory products, especially use in the constant pressure products, include liquid outlet, slide gate nozzle brick, stopper, submerged nozzle of ladle and intermediate tundish. Fused zirconium oxide is also used in sliding baffles, especially for in the center of exposed highest temperature area. Compared with the corresponding aluminum carbon material, zirconia products have better oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, erosion resistance and higher strength, longer service life. Moreover, it is used in glass furnace industry.

Secondly, fused zirconia is widely applied in casing zirconia-alumina refractory materials, refractory ceramics, glass kiln, electronics, metallurgy, machinery, chemical and other industries. It can improve the content of ZrO2 of zirconium corundum brick, refractory brick, aluminum zirconium eutectoid, and significantly increase exudation temperature and erosion of refractory brick. Furthermore, fused zirconium oxide could prolong more than doubled service life of the glass kiln.

The investment casting is another major specialized market for fused zirconium oxide. The specialty casting products, such as aerospace engines, using zirconium oxide as coating of the model. applying in the turbine engine blades and golf clubs, and etc.

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