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Posted by RachelHJM on May 12th, 2017

The porcelain can not without decoration, good decorations make products worth hundredfold. The adornment material is the base of decoration, however, ceramic pigment is one of the most important ceramic decoration materials, thus how important we could see the status of ceramic pigments in ceramic decoration. Fused zirconia oxide is one of the main raw materials in ceramic pigments, used for producing zirconium ceramic glaze, such as:blue pigment, turquoise pigment, vanadium zirconium yellow, blue vanadium, zirconium iron pink (Zr-Si-Fe), and etc. The 50% to 60% of the total fused zirconia are used in ceramic clay industry. The zirconium dioxide glazes and colors could be resistant to high temperature calcination process in ceramic industry which are used in decorated sanitary ceramics, tableware, floor tile and wall brick

Since the 20th century, there is little overall progress has been made in ceramic glaze. However, there is one exception, namely the zirconium oxide based color material. The research, development and application of zirconium dioxide based color almost swept all the colors except black pigment, and has deep influence beyond the past traditional pigment could reach.

In the ceramic pigments industry, zirconium based color material has the following features:

1. Good stability in color appearance. Under the high temperature condition, material of zirconium base color do not react easily, no gas, corrosion resist and small solubility in molten glaze, color stability.

2. Strong coloring, add less in the glaze.

3. Great miscibility: according to the arbitrary proportion, different zirconium base colors can be mix in the glaze, and produce various colorful harmonic color. Make application scope of zirconium power greatly expand.

4. Pure coloring: this kind of zirconium pigment has less affect by the firing atmosphere and base glaze composition, highly adaptable to glazes, pigment color saturation is big, and bright color.

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