How Smart Home Automation Can Change the Way We Live

Posted by Do It All Tech LTD on May 12th, 2017

The fairly recent leaps and bounds in technology have dramatically changed the way we live, and we are now far more advanced than we were just a few decades ago. These developments have made transportation a lot easier, communication more accessible, and a lot of things more convenient. Technology is still continuously developing to make life a breeze, and many experts predict that smart home automation is the future of living. What back then sounded like a system only multi-billionaires can afford is now more accessible—and it could save you and your family a lot more than just time.

Smart home automation makes it possible to control your home with just one touch through your smart phone. It could easily be installed in your property without any hassle or construction—whether your home is brand new or a pre-existing house—because the system is wireless. The best smart home automation systems can be configured to control lighting, temperature, shading, irrigation, outlets, power strips, and security cameras. You will be able to monitor your energy consumption and manage usage. In fact, installing a smart home automation system could but your lighting energy usage by 35 up to 45 percent. You are not only saving money—you are also saving the earth.

Of couse, smart home systems can also improve the safety and the security of your home. When a motion sensor is tripped, it activates a light which then turns on the security camera—and alert is automatically sent via text to your phone. If you are the type of person to forgets to unplug certain appliances lock doors, then this system is the key to your dilemma. You could pre-set scenes with a single touch: the system automatically locks all doors and ensures that all the lights and cooling systems are turned off. Smart home automation likewise adds a touch of luxury to your life. You can pre-set a scene and let the system know you are on your way home so that your house can greet you as you enter the door with mood lighting and your favourite tunes. Sit back and relax while your automated smart home takes care of the rest.

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