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Posted by Five Star Finishes on May 12th, 2017

It is true that a house is not only one’s home, but it also says a lot about the person who dwells in it. And one decorates their home in a way which expresses their soul in its most authentic form. Every room shows a reflection of the soul who lives in it. Children’s room will be full of vibrant colors and their parents’ room may reflect a more austere simplicity. Every house has a different aura in it. And to do justice to the personality of your home, you should paint your house in the same way, which reflects your joy and pride in having it.

You can use these trendy home décor ideas that can jazz up your room.

Every room has different requirement to suit their needs- Décor of a kitchen varies from that of a bedroom. Every room has to have a different color and design to subtly showcase its purpose of existence.

Find the colour of your soul- That’s right, the colour you ‘feel’ when you are all happy, colour that reminds you of a good time. It doesn’t matter if it is black, brown, or any other dark shade because it is your room and you get to decide.

Try various painting and plaster techniques for your wall- From metallic paints to crystal brush, there are a lot of options to choose from. All you need to do is make a choice and let your imagination work on your wall.

Try luxury wall decoration- If luxurious designs and plaster work are on your mind, you can call the experts to give you that A1 look that will add glam to your home. 5 Star Finishes is a Vancouver painting company that can add that same glam to your home.

Visualise your walls with the articles that will go with it- Be it the color of your Sofa to the curtains and vase, visualise how it will go with the colour and design of your wall. This will help you make a smarter decision picking the right colour and design for your wall.

Dismantle your articles before painting- To keep your precious furniture and other items from colouring with the wall, always protect it by either covering it with plastic sheets or dismantle it from that place. Some colours are hard to scrub off and it may damage your furniture in that process.

Maintain it well- Be it a Teflon coated wall or Acrylic designs adorned on your wall, you must always take high care in maintaining the beauty of the wall. Always be aware of how you can clean your wall without disturbing or scrubbing off the paint.

Confused? Ask for colour consultancy! You can always go up to any painting company to ask for colour and design consultancy before painting the wall. Do this if you are unsure how a specific colour will actually look good on your wall. 5 Star Finishes is a Vancouver painting company who provides services in painting interiors and exteriors of all types of residential and commercial places.

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