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Posted by RachelHJM83 on May 13th, 2017

Electronic ceramic is also called the piezoelectric ceramics, but different with toughness ceramics. Electronic ceramic is a kind of function ceramic material which takes the use of electrical, optical, magnetic, acoustic, thermal, mechanical and other effects or coupling effects to achieve some kind of energy conversion. The electronics ceramics are composed of several oxides. under the action of a mechanical force, electronics ceramics can cause apparent charged, add a small amount of rare earth oxides such as Y2O3, La2O3, Sn2O2,  CeO2 in important component which are lead zirconate titanate (PZT), barium titanate zirconium, and strontium zirconium acid can greatly improve the dielectric and piezoelectric properties of ceramic. The intensity of Charged is proportional to the intensity of  applied electric field, thus electronic ceramics can be widely used in all fields.

The applications of electronics ceramics are as below

1.Insulating ceramic materials, integrated circuit substrate, high frequency insulating advanced ceramics

2. Dielectric ceramics, ceramic capacitors, microwave advanced ceramics, etc.

3. Optical functional advanced ceramics

4.transparent Al2O3 - ZrO2 ceramic, high pressure sodium lamp.

5.Transparent MgO2 - ZrO2 ceramic, lighting or special tubes.

In underwater acoustic technology, underwater acoustic transducer of electronic ceramic is make use of the positive and inverse piezoelectric effect of transmitted acoustic or accept acoustic to finish underwater observation, communications and detection work. Electronic ceramic has sending, receiving, and both sending and receiving functions.

On high voltage generator, you can simply convert the mechanical energy to electrical energy, and produce high pressure, such as piezoelectric igniter, tipping, gas burner igniter, piezoelectric ignition switch, small power supply, and etc by making the use of the direct piezoelectric effect of piezoelectric ceramics.

The electronics ceramics can be used as sensitive components in electronics and electrical industry. It is also used as the piezoelectric sensors and piezoelectric ultrasonic therapeutic apparatus to detect the depths of the human body in biomedical engineering. When piezoelectric ultrasonic transmits in body, the different body tissues have different emission and transmission effects. Reflected ultrasonic wave converts into the signal and displays on the screen by the ultrasonic piezoelectric ceramic receiver, thus the doctor can check the status of body internal organization and determine whether sick or not. When the entered ultrasound reached in body at a certain strength, it can make the organization to fever and slight vibration, this effect could going to work o treatment in some diseases.

Due to the sensitivity of electronic ceramic is very strong, electronics ceramics can accurately measure the weak pressure changes, and even electronics ceramics can detect tens of meters outside air turbulence caused by insect flapping wings, so people use it to manufacture a seismograph.

In ultrasonic technology, people make use of the converse piezoelectric effect of electronics ceramics and it produce high intensity ultrasonic under high drive electric field, we could oscillate liquid by this kind of piezoelectric vibrator. The features of the electronic oscillator and electronic filter by using piezoelectric advanced ceramics manufacturing are frequency stability, high precision and long service life.

The electronic ceramic has an important use in modern military war. The antitank shells equipped with electronic ceramic components can be shorten detonating time and increase the accuracy of detonate. When shells hit the tanks, electronic advanced ceramics is under pressure to produce high pressure, so as to ignite explosives, it also can be used for the detonation of nuclear weapons. The sonar and modern electronic equipment by electronic advanced ceramics manufacturing are equipped in the modern warship and ocean ship.

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