Imitation Jewelry

Posted by RachelHJM on May 13th, 2017

Imitation Jewelry has quickly development in recent decades, the production of zirconium imitation jewelry is with high purity ZrO2 mixing 20% Y2O3 in high-frequency induction furnace melting, the controlling temperature is at 2700 degrees Celsius, and then after dissolving and cooling form a single crystal. In the production of crystal, zirconium dioxide raw material and yttrium oxide additive are the most important factors affecting. The requirements of impurities content of zirconium oxide is less than 5 mg/kg, so that could guarantee the color of zirconia imitation jewelry, prevent it brittleness and cracking. It should be maintain oxidizing atmosphere in the process of smelting. For the preparation of a variety of colorful zirconia imitation jewelry, people add a small amount of rare earth oxides as colorant in the mixed raw materials. After cutting, processing, grinding and polishing, imitation jewelry is made into all kinds of ornaments. Zirconium oxide crystal also can be processed into wafers, used as substrate and integrated circuit board of the superconductor in technical Ceramics.

Zirconia technical ceramics components could stabilize the energy of the electron emission and storing energy, thus technical ceramics play a role in saving energy, and improve the service life of electronic equipment. Zirconia technical ceramics have a very wide range of applications in the electronics industry. After high temperature melting, zirconia based complex could form high refractive index of the zirconia glass crystal also named artificial gems in technical ceramics .

In the glass industry, microelectronics integrated circuit has been widely used, it can be impacted by high voltage and high current but not happen deformation or burn through. In optical glass and electron microscope lens, because it has a high refractive index, so ultra-high times telescopes can have fairly high power and clarity of the lens.

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