Ceramics Paper

Posted by RachelHJM83 on May 13th, 2017

The stablized zirconia ceramic sleeve namely connector of precision needle is the core part of the optical fiber connector in single-mode and multimode. The yttria zirconia ceramic sleeve is made of 3Y- PSZ ceramic materials. The stablized zirconia ceramic sleeve has excellent physical and mechanical properties of ceramic, such as high strength, great wear resistance, superior stability and physical properties of ultrafine sintering grain, it obtains a wide range of applications in ceramic engineering. Because ceramic engineering requires high precision processing technology, a precision of 0.1μm optical fiber connector has a wide range of applications in optical communication system, optical instruments and other industries. It is used to realize from the light source to fiber, from fiber to fiber and optical coupling between the fiber and probe, optical fiber connector is one of the largest usage of optical passive device, especially in optical communication system. Yttria partially stabilized zirconia pin namely PSZ pin accounts for more than 95% of the total market. PSZ ceramic materials has become the mainstream pin material replacing Al2O3.

The main advantages of yttria zirconium optical fiber connector are following:

1) easy preparation of submicron or even nanometer zirconium oxide powder, its ceramic pieces are easy to process, thus ensure the precision of processing;

2) With high strength, good toughness, corrosion resistance, wear resistance and etc properties of ceramic, zirconium ceramic materials fiber can satisfy the requirement of the complicated working condition,  and the wear rate is extremely low in the process of repeatedly plug;

3) Due to the physical properties of zirconium dioxide similar with fiber material, zirconia fiber ceramic materials can match the optical fiber with a pin.

Ceramic paper

In recent years, due to stabilized zirconia ceramic is good ceramic insulator, people used zirconium dioxide as ceramic fiber, ceramic paper has been widely used. Ceramic paper has superior air permeability, moisture absorption and heat resistance, it can use in the case of mega heat and quenching and also have excellent properties of ceramic, such as superior insulation, thermal insulation and resistance to corrosion. Moreover, ceramic paper can be used as ceramic insulator of high temperature mechanical pad, packing and thermal insulation layer of high temperature furnace.

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