Seriousness and Priority in Software Testing

Posted by Infocampus HR on May 13th, 2017

This aid in ordering the deformity, as well as really makes imperfection following a mess less demanding undertaking. However as it happens, both these terms are regularly confounded and utilized conversely by analysers. This article plans to reveal some insight into these ideas. So we should begin by understanding what seriousness is first.


Seriousness can be characterized as how extreme the imperfection is to the framework and how gravely it will influence the usefulness. For instance, an application crash on clicking a catch is serious to the framework. So its seriousness will be high, while a spelling/syntactic mistake won't have much effect on the general usefulness. So its seriousness will be low.


Despite the fact that this fluctuates from organization to organization, there are for the most part 4 levels of seriousness.

  • Showstopper: A deformity of this seriousness for the most part pieces analyzers from testing further. Subsequently, the name work is of art. A case of a centrepiece deformity: A versatile application slamming on sprinkle screen. selenium courses in Bangalore.
  • Severe: A deformity of this seriousness breaks the essential element. In any case, analyzer can test different components fine. We should comprehend this utilizing a deformity found in client enrolment situation. Despite the fact that client is effectively enlisted in framework, site page crashes on clicking Submit catch and enrolment affirmation mail is not sent. Because of this deformity, an analyzer would likely have the capacity to test different elements, for example, Login and Profile fine. In any case, since the enlistment is broken, this imperfection would be extreme to the framework.
  • Moderate: A deformity because of which application conduct goes amiss from what is normal however framework all in all is usable. For instance an approval, disappointment for any essential content field. selenium training in bangalore.
  • Minor: An imperfection of this seriousness doesn't affect the usefulness much. Regardless it ought to be settled. A few illustrations: A spelling/linguistic blunders, UI arrangement issues.

Critical ideas:

  • Severity is for the most part doled out by analyzers as they are better ready to judge the effect of deformity on a framework.
  • Severity is not prone to change over the timeframe.


Severity can be characterized as how quick or how early the imperfection ought to be tended to. The imperfections having most astounding need ought to be settled first taken after by the deformities having lesser need.


Similarly as with seriousness, need levels may likewise vary in various organizations. Be that as it may it can be comprehensively ordered in 3 levels.

  • High (Priority 1/P1): An imperfection which makes a noteworthy harm application is given a high need. Absconds having high need ought to be settled as quickly as time permits.
  • Medium (Priority 2/P2): Defects having medium need ought to be settled once high need deformities are tended to. Settling of ordinary need abandons overshadows low need deserts.
  • Low (Priority 3/P3): Defects with low need doesn't affect the usefulness much and they ought to be settled once high and medium need deformities are tended to.

Vital ideas:

  • Managers/Leads/Clients by and large indicates the deformity need.
  • Priority of any deformity is chosen in view of its business esteem. A business esteem might be customer's image name and notoriety, prepare norms or significance of usefulness. software testing
  • As the venture advances, need may change according to venture circumstances. For instance, a linguistic/spelling error may have low need in prior venture stages. In any case, the need turns out to be high when venture is going live.

Tips to dole out seriousness and need

Remember underneath focuses while doling out seriousness and need to any abscond.

  • Think from an end-client's point of view and check how the imperfection would influence the client's understanding.
  • Understand the usefulness well. Take assistance from PM, tech lead or test prompt know how the deformity will affect the usefulness.
  • Remember that seriousness level you allocate to bug influences its need. So dependably allot seriousness shrewdly.
  • Grasp the possibility of seriousness and need exceptionally well.

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