Shelf Life Of Carbon Black

Posted by RachelHJM on May 14th, 2017

What is the shelf life of carbon black? How long can it be stored?

In general, the shelf life of carbon black is endless. A warm reminder from Jiaozuo Chengyuan Trading Co., Ltd.: It’s suggested to use the finished carbon black within 1 year. Carbon black reaching its expiration date doesn’t suggest it can’t be used, which differs from the shelf life of food.

The main chemical formula of carbon black is C. The chemical property of C is stable and inert. So in normal circumstances, carbon black will not have chemical reaction with other chemical substances easily and be decomposed. In other words, that’s the reason why the shelf life of carbon black is endless.

So why it’s suggested to use the finished carbon black within 1 year? This is mainly because the carbon black will absorb moisture in the air until the balance is reach while carbon black humidity is also an important indicator of its quality, so carbon black should be stored in a sealed, dry environment. Even if carbon black is stored properly, with time and weather changes, it is inevitable that the humidity may deviate from factory targets, affecting its quality.

If people dry the damp carbon black, reduce its moisture, and make it reach its factory indicators, the carbon black can be used again? Theoretically, it is entirely possible. But when drying, people need to increase the temperature, make chemical properties of C become more and more lively, which may result in some chemical changes, influencing other indicators of carbon black.

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