Why is it Important to Receive Professional Google Analytics Training?

Posted by Armstrong Louis on May 15th, 2017

With the continued up rise of digitalization, there has also been an increased interest in Digital marketing from organizations of all scales and sizes. Which brings us to the topic of data measurement and more specifically Analytics. You may have heard of Google Analytics - a powerful tool for brands, bloggers and even businesses to learn more about how they expand their online presence. If used well, Google Analytics can uncover tremendous amounts of data about the organization’s website, traffic and so much more. The information relayed from here can be used to enhance marketing and business strategies.

Although there is a wealth of information available online via other analytics tools, you often find yourself having to utilize more than one data tracking method to get all the information aggregated. Those who don’t have prior knowledge of this subject maybe wasting time and resources, studying obsolete material, or inaccurate data findings. Therefore, learning how to measure and manage your marketing data from a professional and/or Google certified trainers would ensure that you receive up to date information.

There are many institutions that specialize in offering Analytics training. They provide customized sessions for students to better understand the intricate details of mastering a tool such as Google Analytics. With such training programs, students have the opportunity to ask questions, hone their skills and be evaluated every step of the way, before they take their final exam. (Information Credit: GILL Solutions).

 There are many advantages to participating in a Coach and/or Trainer instructed Google Analytics training course, if done the right way. Some of them include,

  • Enhancing Competency: -During the course of the certification program, professional analytics coaches can guide trainees through the intricacies of analytics and advise them on how they can make the most of it to make better business decisions. The overall competency in using the tool is increased.
  • Edge over Competitors: -Although most people don’t understand the tangible benefits of utilizing this type of program/tool beforehand, once completed, they become more aware of their advantages over those who have not taken an in depth Analytics training course. By knowing how to analyze their own data with tools like Google Analytics – it gives businessesa definite edge over their rivals in the industry.
  • Improving Prospects: -The Google Analytics tool was made for the main purpose of aggregating important data from one’s website based on its observations. And these observations if analyzed accurately, can provide a clear idea as to what is favourable forcustomers and businesses alike to move forward. Using this data, marketers can modify their existing website, ad campaigns, and social marketing to cater to the needs of their ideal customers. With the help of Google’s analytics, marketers can also pay special attention to the sources that encourage the flow of traffic.Hence by optimizing websites and online marketing strategies, the overall prospect of the organization is elevated.
  • Understanding the Valuation of Campaigns: -Receivingan in-depth training ofGoogle Analytics, helps marketers better figure out their audience in an improved manner. Hence customer engagement campaigns will experience improved conversion rates, thanks to the intricate knowledge gained through knowing the right data to work with.
  • Integration with tools:- Google Analytics can be used with all devices and data can be transferred/integrated with other Google product such as Google Adwords.
  • Informative help documents:- Google documentation provides all types of initiation tools, including instructional documents and videos.
  • Support from community: - Google Analytics has a vast community of users, who are willing to help and provide support through forums.
  • Free service: - Google Analytics is a free tool to use. However – just because it’s free, doesn’t mean that everyone understands how to use the tool to the advantage of his or her business. Thus marketers should use those funds saved and invest it back into learning how to use such measurement tools to better their business decisions. This will also benefit in other areas of digital marketing such as digital outreach, social media presence, and hiring SEOs.

So, in a nutshell, understanding how to use the Google Analytics tool helps you to: -

  1. Identify business objectives to help businesses make better marketing decisions
  2. Comparing marketing channels and sources of traffic
  3. Aides consistent campaign tagging to get good visibility
  4. Geographically divides customer bases for better tracking
  5. Helps guide website and ad design changes to increase conversions.
  6. Better decision-making leads a business to gain higher revenues and lower costs over all.

If a business, marketer or entrepreneur is planning to learn more about Google Analytics, or is interested in taking an Analytics Training Course it is always advisable to learn from professional coaches and Google Certified Trainers. A precise understanding of the concept cannot be achieved in a matter of minutes, but rather over a period of time so you can practice what you learn as you go. Learning from a professional will not only help you get the required knowledge but also update you about the latest trends in the market. Understanding how to use a tool like Google Analytics helps businesses to keep track of how their overall website, and marketing as a whole is performing.  Having solid knowledge of how to use a measurement tool like Google Analytics to benefit Marketing decisions in business is an asset. Thus having marketers and marketing teams participate in an in-depth Google Analytics course prepared by a professional in the field who is also Google Analytics Certified is a good way to get ahead both personally and professionally.

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