4 Main Benefits of Choosing a Fixed Wireless Broadband Connection

Posted by BarryKinson on May 15th, 2017

Fixed wireless broadband consists of a system setup in office, home or any other particular location. Unlike cable internet, dial-up or DSL, this type of system is wire-free. Fixed wireless internet involves transmitting data at high speed between two fixed points through a wireless connection. The subscriber service comprises of a radio and a microwave antenna on the rooftop of a customer for receiving and transmitting RF signals. The antenna is directed to the Access Point or RF transceiver of the service provider, placed on a tall building or radio tower. Find out about 4 of the main benefits of opting for fixed wire-less broadband connection.

Higher Speeds


With fixed wireless connection, you can get clear LOS (Line of Sight) to the Access Point. The connection can go to a total distance of around 50 miles, and the data rates can reach 300 Mbps or even more. With wired connection, such kind of higher speeds are not always possible.

Data protection


Fixed Wireless Broadband sends and obtains encrypted signals from only particular authenticated devices. It makes use of AES (Advanced Encryption Standard), a standard that was used by the U.S. government for data protection. Naturally, fixed-wireless data transmission that makes use of Advanced Encryption Standard offers the same security as any secure data transmission method across the globe.

Ease of installation


It is easy to install this type of wireless technology. Fixed Wire-less Broadband, commonly referred to as Wi-Fi, offers high speeds for accessing internet. You can access wireless internet through numerous phone companies, and it is getting more available every day. This type of technology is becoming popular in remote places where cables are non-existent. The ease of installation means that you do not have to wait for longer to enjoy the new connection.



These are better solutions as compared to wired internet, given that can move about in the space without being concerned whether cables are attached to your laptop to offer internet access. Fixed wire-less broadband uses advanced technology offer internet access in an easy package. You will not have to be tied down to a specific spot to get internet access through cable. Greater mobility is assured, and you can surf the internet while lying on the couch or laying in bed. Although obstructions such as walls can slow down the signal, you will not have to encounter any major downsides to fixed broadband as long as you can access the signal wherever you want.

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