Buy Guayabera Linen Shirts Online To Dress Sharp In The Hot Weather

Posted by perrysmith on May 15th, 2017

The guayabera is a functional and stylish piece of men’s clothing that doubles up as one of the most comfortable hot weather garments. Traditionally, a guayabera is a linen shirt that is marked be the following distinct attributes.

It would have either two or four patch pockets in the front
The hem is straight, meant to be worn untucked.
There are two vertical rows of pleats of embroidery running in the front of the shirt.

Guayabera linen shirts online are now made with many modern variations but still, the distinct features are always maintained in one way or the other. You can look for multiple colors, adjustable buttoning slits, French cuffs, shorter sleeves and even the lack of pockets altogether.

Just like when you have to buy Mexican shirt for men, the highest quality Guayaberas are made with 100% cotton or linen that are light in weight and woven in a way that they allow proper breathing space for the skin especially when the weather is hot.

These shirts can be pulled off as both casual and formal wear given that you know the right tricks to do so.

Guayabera linen shirts as casuals
From tourist clothing to festive attire, these linen shirts are comfortable enough to be worn at multiple venues. There are no real rules except for opting for the right color combinations and accessories to go along with the shirt as well as with the occasion itself.

Guayabera linen shirts as formals
As business or formal wear, these shirts are best paired with suits and ties. It should have a tailored fit and long sleeves. If you have a preference for embroidery, it is wiser to stick to low contrast or same color works so that the clothing does not appear too gaudy for formal attire. For a dressier look, two pockets are better than four. Remember that a lack of pockets would mean that it is not a Guayabera any longer.

Most important of all is the comfort that these shirts offer. Being made of good quality linen, they can keep you cool in the hot weather. However, there are certain cultural expectations too when it comes to this particular kind of linen shirt. In Zimbabwe, it is expected to wear a Guayabera with black slacks at weddings, and a black short-sleeved guayabera at funerals. In Latin American events, it is ideal to stick to the purity of the fabric and pair the shirt with contrasting accessories that flatter your personality.

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