What should be the correct thickness of your business card?

Posted by articlelink01 on May 16th, 2017

You may choose to accept or deny this but business cards never run out of fashion or use. No matter how popular digital business cards become they can never undermine the significance of the old traditional 16pt business cards. A conventional business card goes to show that you are taking your profession seriously and want to promote it to others with a lot of conviction. But printing business cards is a bit of a tricky task. It is somewhat different from your regular cheap brochure print or other similar things. For example the thickness of your business card is one such issue which requires a lot of perspective from your part.

Why is thickness of your business card so important?

Well most of you will have the conviction that printing business card is not at all thought consuming. You just have to think about its contents and get those 16pt business cards printed. But the heart of the matter is thickness does matter especially for printing business cards. There are various applications where the thickness of your business card can make a lot of difference to your objective. Let us first understand the basic difference between the two most popular thicknesses that business cards generally take.

The popular ones..

Thinking about the coating of your business card can be a very tricky job let alone choosing the thickness. The problem that arises nowadays is the availability of so many options when it comes to business card printing. The most used or availed thicknesses of business cards are 12pt, 14pt and 16pt business cards. Although it may seem what difference does 2pt makes in the convenience of a business card, it is a fact that they do vary considerably in application.

Which one suits the requirements better?

The prime purpose of business cards is to exchange information and as per the thickness of business cards is concerned 16pt business cards works the best. The reasons are quite obvious though. Firstly it is the additional amount of firmness that 16pt business cards provide to the holder’s perspective that matters. It is thus designed to endure more handling abuse from the holders than the conventional 14pt or 12pt business cards. The chances of bending or even creasing will somewhat reduce in cases of 16pt business cads when you put it inside your wallet and further 16pt business cards feel a bit more visually attractive than the others.

It must be kept in mind that individually they do not differ in visual brilliance but when you hold a 16pt business card in one hand and a 14pt in the other then visual differences are bound to be apparent.

How do they vary in application?

The budget also goes a long way to determine thickness of your business card. Companies with restricted budgets generally prefer choosing 12pt or 14pt business cards and on the other hand large investment firms and business organizations who are less concerned about their business card budget will usually choose 16pt ones. As per fulfilling the purpose of business cards 16pt business cards are sure to provide better and hence have become the universal fit for major business card applications. For upgrading from 14pt business cards to16pt ones many companies charge a fee which is very nominal so we would suggest you choose the latter option.

One thing to understand clearly is that 16pt business cards are very different from the regular cheap brochure print . Selecting the correct thickness forms a major part of printing a business card.

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