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Posted by My12voltstore on May 16th, 2017

An RV’s climate control is different and considered more advantageous for your comfort during travel compared to the conventional system that typical cars have. It is easily adjustable to keep you comfortable no matter where you go, especially when you go places with colder temperatures or climates. An RV furnace typically runs on propane, but more RV owners are replacing their propane heaters with electric furnaces for a more efficient way to achieve comfort. An electric-powered RV furnace is designed to be clean-burning and capable of operating efficiently. 

Electricity is often cheaper compared to propane when used in an RV, especially if your site offers free power or a reasonable charge. The idea is to calculate how much you would spend for electricity and propane, so you can make an informed decision on which type of power will enable you to save more. If an electric RV furnace is ideal for your situation, you will find it more efficient and suitable for keeping your living spaces comfortable and warm. Electric furnaces are typically specialized in providing heat, so they only heat a specific area instead of the entire cabin. 

The box-style heater is the most common type of electric RV furnace. It has a ceramic heating element, and a fan to push the generated heat outwards. When choosing one, be sure to read the specifications and determine the wattage to be confident in its performance and to ensure that you are investing in an efficient heating system. Most RV furnaces come with 500 to 1500 wattage. The lower the number, the longer it will take for the furnace to heat a small area. Hence, it makes sense to consider a powerful heater, while considering the size of your RV and its living spaces, too. 

Another type of RV furnace is the electric wall heater, which is installed within the wall. It lets you install several vents throughout the RV, like you would with a ducted propane furnace. Infrared or radiant electric heaters create infrared heat, which your body absorbs without heating the surrounding air. They are typically quiet and ideal for focusing heat. 

An RV furnace is more portable, too, and it comes with built-in safety devices that prevent the unit from tipping over or overheating. Consider buying a high-quality RV furnace that produces minimal noise and set it up in an area where it is not likely to be touched or bumped. Look up product reviews to be sure about the product you are buying. Reading customer testimonials is a good way to learn more about the actual performance of an RV heater. 

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