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Posted by Avijit on August 22nd, 2010

Ubuntu is a Debian based Linux operating system; it is also have GUI based file manager and other Windows look and feel features. It can run in older hardware, means no hardware upgrade required. It is one of the most popular Linux distribution in the world.

If you are a Microsoft Windows user and looking for a replacement of your operating system; then Ubuntu is the right choice for you. It is an open source free operating system. Ubuntu Linux fully packaged with commonly used software utilities like ? web browsers, e-mail client, graphics manipulation program, office suite and other utility programs.

You can obtain a CD of Ubuntu Linux from here - https://shipit.ubuntu.com/. After registering this site, you can request for an Ubuntu CD, otherwise you can download the Ubuntu Linux ISO from their official website. Ubuntu has a corporate supported Linux operating system. The organization named ? Canonical Ltd. Sponsor this operating system development, also they offer the online and phone support. One of the most interesting features of any Linux distribution is, they are free from maximum numbers of virus, Trojans and spyware, in short bit is very secure from network based security threats because Linux has in-built firewall. Where as in case of Windows, you need to install external anti-virus, anti-spyware and external firewall for best performance, but the main problem is ? while you install that above-mentioned software, your overall computer performance will be decreased.

Ubuntu Linux has in-built office application suite, called ? Open Office. It is giving the better performance from other commercial office packages. As mentioned earlier, Ubuntu installation CD contains the most popular software, except this, you can obtain other software and updated version of any software from Ubuntu software repository. If you are a business owner, and you are worried about the ?free-software?, you can buy the technical support from Canonical Ltd. They have an excellent range of highly skilled professionals. Ubuntu is perfect for you business in all aspects.

The sponsor of Ubuntu ? Canonical Ltd. Releases the major version in every six months. Every two years, they also release the LTS (Long Term Support) version of Ubuntu Linux. This LTS includes five years supports with full updates, security updates and other updates free of cost. Ubuntu not only perfect for businesses, it is also the right choice for your notebook, desktop computers, servers and cloud computing. Ubuntu has a great prospect in cloud computing, commonly Ubuntu Cloud computing known as ? Ubuntu Enterprise Cloud, collaborated with Amazon.com?s Elastic Compute Cloud platform.

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