Magnesium Carbon Brick Product Consumption Knowledge

Posted by refractory material on May 17th, 2017

Magnesia carbon brick is a kind of important refractory used in steelmaking converter, steel making electric furnace, steel refining furnace and its ladle as lining (lining). As the erosion resistance, not easy to slag, so the use of magnesia brick can significantly improve the life of steel-making furnace (bag).
Magnesium carbon brick is the use of high-quality fused magnesia, high purity flake graphite, metal additives and other raw materials, phenolic resin as a binder by high-pressure molding, about 200 ℃ heat treatment made of a refractory products. High quality magnesium carbon brick to ensure the service life and safety, the use of poor quality magnesia carbon bricks composition masonry furnace easy to burn, the occurrence of running steel, leakage of steel, casualties and other vicious accidents, so the procurement must be good Quality off.
The appearance of the black and white carbon brick products, the appearance of oil black shiny, cross-section neat; poor magnesia carbon brick price product appearance rough white point, cross-section has a layer, resulting in particle segregation, and particles continue.
Magnesium carbon brick physical and chemical indicators with the naked eye is difficult to judge, the user can randomly send the authority to send the department for quality inspection. GB / T 22589-2008 "magnesium carbon brick" requirements of the physical and chemical indicators are as follows: MgO content, C content, significantly porosity, bulk density, room temperature compressive strength, high temperature bending strength.
Magnesium carbon brick is easy to hydrate, so the MGO brick manufacturers must be kept in the rain, moisture-proof warehouse. Packaging and transportation should also take measures to prevent rain and moisture, the product once the damp, product quality will decline, serious will lead to magnesium carbon brick products scrapped.

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