What Is It Like To Take New York Cruises?

Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Imagine the quiet calm waters on a silent sail while viewing the panoramic view of New York, Manhattan, and the Harbor; few sights are as breath-taking. New York cruises aren?t hard to come by, actually they are dime a dozen, if you?re willing to take your chances with some unknown charter. The experience of being off the coast of one of the most beautiful cities in the world doesn?t have to be tarnished. Several things have to be taken into consideration before leaving shore. Of these include the vessel of choice, the crew, event packages, and of course the route the vessel will travel all important factors to consider.

New York cruises are highly dependant on the vessel, yachts being the preferred method of travel. A large yacht may be needed for large parties, checking that they have the latest in security measures and top of the line equipment to prevent some nautical mishap. Yachts come in various sizes, though for the greatest experience you?ll probably want to go with three level deck with dining floor and expansive windows so no one?s view is obscured.

The ship is only as good as its crew, so checking with the captain and his crew to ensure they are fully trained is an important part of any trip. The staff on board the ship should be able to cater to your wishes while ensuring your safety. New York cruises are not a matter to take likely, an unprepared crew could ruin all your evening?s plans with a simple accident.

Event packages should be able to cover corporate events, awards ceremonies, private family events, and quiet secluded dining. The atmosphere and elegant fine dining are important parts of any cruise. The yacht should offer the various amenities found with any premier establishment: enough seating for you and your guests, wet bar, and a large dance floor. Custom catering and DJ setup are options one should consider before booking any company.

The route of any ship is an important factor is a trip around New York should visit the key spots around the city. A cruise company with several locations is preferred so you can easily access the yacht. New York cruises should have the option of scenic tours of the bay, the Manhattan skyline, and New York itself.

New York Cruises invites all aboard its world-premiere yacht with locations in Manhattan, Connecticut, Brooklyn, and New York harbor waters. They take care to exceed all U.S. Coast guard safety regulations and fully insulate their fleets to be sound proof and provide a gentle, smooth sail. Visit Captain Fred Ardolino and his crew at http://www.nycruises.com and see how they can setup an experience of New York on the waters.

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