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Posted by Michael Ferguson on May 17th, 2017

You may be asking yourself what a Kudo is… well… we are not talking about someone who is supposedly one of the biggest or world leading television production companies in the world that makes scripted content. (www. uk) (In the UK) (What the hell is that anyways and who really cares?) My vision or recollection of a Kudo is a wonderfully delicious sweet and creamy chocolate treat made by Mars, Incorporated. And no we are not talking about the planet Mars; (M & M`s may ring a bell, they make those too) however for now we`ll leave the astronomy lesson for another day. Back to the subject at hand; kudos by definition means honor or praise for a certain achievement. You have to give Playful Escorts kudos for being one of the best Escort Agencies in the UK that has been and will continue to provide you with London Escorts.

If you want a sweet taste left in your mouth you had better book London Escorts from Playful. M &M candies had a slogan at one time that said the “milk chocolate melts in your mouth, not in your hands.” (Because of the candy coating)  This reminds me of a sick dirty joke that I know but we will save that for another day as well. (You had better stay tuned and check back often) When you book these girls everything of yours will be melting, your heart, your manly appendages and everything else. The girls are really that hot! Playful Escorts has girls that you can go and visit or girls that will come to see you. What do you prefer? It’s nice to be able to sit back, relax and order a hot woman to come see you and fulfill all of your deepest desires and fantasy’s. If you had to live off women or food which would you choose?

Many people have one fantasy that they think about all the time; everyone’s dream; two at a time. Quit dreaming about it and make it happen. Duo Escorts in London will “do it” for you and make it a memory… but the good thing is you can book Duo escorts over and over again as much as you would like to and keep it fresh in your mind and not a long forgotten memory. One blonde, one brunette, one with huge breasts one with small ones or any other combination are possible with girls from Playful Escorts. London Escorts from Playful are the best ones that you will ever find. Duos, matures, young, blonde or brunette. Make the dream; you dont have to take one for the team when you have girls from Playful Escorts Available.

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