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Spring Break 2008 Destinations. Cruises Or Flight Packages? Where Are College Spring Break Students Going These Days?

Posted by nick_niesen in Travel on October 29th, 2010

Spring Break 2008 will most likely continue the trend we have seen over the past two years, a move to a more affordable spring break vacation. No longer does Cancun monopolize the spring break market. College spring break students have grown tired of the overpriced packages to Cancun. For years, travel agencies have inflated their Cancun packages because they knew the average college student would be willing to pay top dollar for a spring break trip to Cancun. Those days are over. The past two years have seen shift to other spring break destinations. The Bahamas have become extremely popular. The April 2006 issue of Travel Magazine showed that Bahamas spring break packages were now just as popular as Cancun spring break packages. Studies show college spring break students want a cheap spring break package. A Bahamas package can often be half the price of a Cancun package. Spring break cruises to the Bahamas are typically the cheapest route to take. Eliminating the flight portion of any spring break vacation will usually cut the price in half. Choosing spring break cruises instead of a flight package is often the best way to do this. If you live in the U.S. and want to travel to Cancun, a flight package is really your only option unless you drive. It is possible to fly or cruise to the Bahamas. Grand Bahamas (Freeport and Port Lucaya) is less than 35 miles from Florida. Cruises are very inexpensive from there, and they depart from several different ports on the coast.

It is important to note that Bahamas spring break package prices will most likely see an increase within the next few years due to demand. College spring break students are booking earlier every year so they can get a room at the more popular hotels. Most agencies are sold out at all hotels by December 1st each year. Bookings for spring break trips typically start around the second week of September each year.

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