Contemporary Art & auction in modern era

Posted by kamal on May 18th, 2017

Any art which is produced in the current period of time is called contemporary art or art contemporain. It is a successor of the modern art and includes the post modern art. Some people also quote the contemporary art as the modern art, but both are different. Art contemporain is synchronous to the present time. This form of art involves using modern technology, computers, 3D art, HD technology etc. in making it.

Nowadays the contemporary art is boosting among all types of artisans. There are various talented artisans among the world who are promoting the contemporary art and still not be able to get rewarded as per their work due to many constraints like they are not able to communicate such people who are fond of such things, they are not able to display their art in a proper manner, they are not connected to such places and constraints of money and knowledge are just the ad-ons.

Due to all these reasons the talented artists remain the same as they had started their carrier in this field left with no advancement. Thus, they either tend to lose it or lose their interest in it. While creating any piece of art, drawing something beautiful, painting something imaginative, making 3D paintings which blows people's mind, artists always have in their mind that whether they will be able to get the same level of reward for it or not.

After all this he is left with either selling his piece of art to any shop which charges huge amount of money, or selling in any market where people just buy them to enhance the decoration of their houses but fail to appreciate the talent of the person.

The solution for all these problems, making end of all the issues of the artists is only contemporary art auction or enchères. These art auctions tend take their works to the right audience and thus flourish their talent and make them financially strong, stable and static in all respects. They not only flourish the skill of the proficient craftsmen but also compensate them for their hard work. These auctions are either independent, privately owned or are held by the government.

In these modern art auctions the piece of art is first depicted in the galleries and is then auctioned to large number of people from where these are being sold to the person with the highest bid. The total valeur d'un tableau with the highest bid is total amount in which the art piece is sold and amount is then awarded to the artisan.

These enchères involve various renowned artisans and business persons to buy and purchase the arts to promote the creativity of the artisans.


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