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Posted by Albert Barkley on May 18th, 2017

So it is that time of the year when you are gearing up to write a dissertation. A dissertation really can be a stressful job mainly because of the amount of work it involves. But with the right strategy of stress management and time management, it all can be done successfully. The first thing a dissertation writer gets to do is writing a dissertation proposal. Where dissertation is all loaded with professional terms and a very restricted writing style, proposal of dissertation writing is more on the less formal side.

The job of this document is to get your ideas on the paper and get them approved. The person who approves your dissertation proposal gets credited in the introduction of your dissertation (with a thank you). Dissertation proposal writing is a mini dissertation with not as much work as there is in the dissertation. Your dissertation research proposal will kick start the dissertation for you, setting the stage for the dissertation. This document helps you in explaining why you want to pursue the specific issue for your dissertation research.

  • In dissertation proposal writing, the reader (most probably the person who will approve it) does not look for a proper laid out plan as at this point you are roughly sketching the idea of your dissertation. So there needs to be no solid plan, you just need to show the reader why this topic holds importance.
  • The reader of your proposal must be able to see that your dissertation will be helpful for future researches, even though this is almost a rough planning of your dissertation; you need to show them that this part of research is important.

Writing a Dissertation Research Proposal; What Should Be Included?

As you now know that a proposal will provide you a kind of dissertation help to explain the grounds of your research, there is no fixed structure of your dissertation research proposal. There needs to be sufficient explanation and introduction of your topic, a clarification of aims and objectives and how your research covers more aspects of the issue than what the others have done before.

  • Introduction: An insight in your topic, introduction will help you introduce your dissertation topic. It will focus on the central research question and provide reader with a background of the subject.
  • Methodology: The resources you will use in the research and how and the way you will conduct your research will be written in methodology. Though, you don’t have to provide the exact strategy as at this point you are not supposed to have the whole idea.
  • Objectives: Explain what you are aiming at by researching on this topic. What outcome you are looking to achieve and what kind of conclusion you are expecting.
  • Literature Review: In a dissertation proposal, it is important to mention how similar questions have been researched about earlier and how they did not bring relevant result and compare with what your plans are to do it all differently.
  • Research Constraints: Anything such as hurdles in your dissertation will go here in this part.

Mainly a dissertation research proposal can easily be written in five parts.

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