How To Get Saudi Employment Visa?

Posted by Alick Willson on May 18th, 2017

There are many lucrative employment opportunities in Gulf countries and one can also get hotel jobs in Dubai and Saudi Arabia. If one is looking for employment opportunities in countries as Saudi Arabia, one will definitely require an employment visa to work legally in the country. There are certain procedures and steps one will need to go through if they are looking to get the employment visa and work in Saudi Arabia legally. One should approach any experienced Recruitment Consultants India.

First of all, the prospective candidate for the visa should look for a job vacancy and apply for the job. If the job is offered to the prospective candidate, it is the responsibility of the future employer to get the visa for the prospective employee by obtaining the permission from the Ministry of Labor and then obtaining the visa from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. One should wait about 8 weeks in order to get the application to get processed. Saudi Visa Stamping Services are available in India.

After this step, the prospective candidate should find a well reputed agent in their own country to process the application for the work visa. The work visa cannot be processed without the help of an agent. The employment contract will be sent by the company or the recruitment agency, along with all the other necessary information for the visa process and the other requirements. The visa will be then endorsed in the name of the candidate and this is by the employer to the recruitment agent. The employment pack should contain medical report for the Saudi embassy for the respective country and the authorization memo of the embassy, statement of religion form and a police clearance form.

One should also keep in mind that the passport should be valid for the period of one’s employment contract. It should have a validity of at least 6 months. There should also not be any current Israel visa stamp on the passport. The candidate should also submit 1 recent photograph of passport size and it should be coloured and have white background. These should be full face shot, with the candidate facing the camera. The candidate should also provide the original letter from the Saudi Arabian company, which will sponsor the candidate and this, should also be certified by the Saudi Chamber of Commerce and by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The candidate should also provide the attested copy of the educational certificates and it must be validated by the Cultural Mission Saudi Arabia. The candidate should also provide a copy of the employment contract. This should be signed by the sponsor and the applicant. The candidate should also include 3 copies of medical reports and also 2 copies of medical reports. The medical report should be issued by a licensed physician. Other information can be found from the embassy and the agency and one should always be updated with current information.

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