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Posted by Nick Niesen on October 29th, 2010

Have you planned and booked your first cruise? You?re surely excited about setting off on to the open seas. Life on board a ship is like nothing else and can be intimidating for a first-timer. Here are some things to remember and tips on what to expect.

Cruise ships are like floating cities. They are large and complex with several levels and many public spaces. They include many facilities such as gyms, swimming pools, bowling alleys, restaurants and shopping facilities. Like visiting a new city, it can be easy to get lost.

To get your orientation, first study the map of the ship. Figure out where your cabin is located and mark it on the map. Make a mental note of large structures that will help you get your orientation if you get lost such as pools and restaurants. Wonder around the ship and discover the facilities that are available to the guests. This may encourage you to participate in activities that you wouldn?t normally get involved. Check out the various restaurants; there is usually a 24 hour buffet so you can fill your craving for food no matter what time of day. Locate the pubic restrooms and convenience stores.

There are several information desks so don?t worry if you get lost. In fact, crew members are very familiar with the ship so don?t be afraid to ask if you get lost. They?ll be happy to suggest activities and tell you how to find them.

Take a look at the cruise ship?s newsletter. It will be full of suggestions for activities while you?re on the ship. There are suggestions for activities for children and things to keep the adults occupied while the kids are at the pool.

Make a list of the things you?d like to see and do while you?re on the ship. If you like to see shows then make sure you plan for them. Arrive in plenty of time to get a good seat.

There will be a mandatory lifeboat drill. With all of the advanced technology on ships, the chances of abandoning ship are almost zero. Even though boat travel is very safe, make sure you pay attention.

Almost everything on the ship is included in the price of the cruise but a few things are not. One of the biggest expenses on the cruise is the alcohol. Make sure you know how much something costs before you order it. Make a budget for yourself and stick to it especially if you?re on a tight budget.

Your first cruise will no doubt be an experience that you won?t forget. Orientate yourself with the ships facilities and activities and you?re sure to have an enjoyable holiday.

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