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How to Find A Reliable Private Bus Transport Services in Singapore?

Posted by Cititrans on May 18th, 2017

Getting around a city with 5.5 million residents and more than 15 million visitors each year can be a logistical nightmare. While public transportation provides an option, crowding and lack of efficiency can make the solution less than desirable. Private bus transport services in Singapore provide a distinct alternative for routine transit needs and single trip uses, as well. Finding the right company to provide such an important service doesn’t have to be a challenge.

When there’s a desire to contract private bus transport services in Singapore, several factors can help lead clients on a path to locating the best. Here are some of the traits to look for to find the most reliable and trustworthy services that offer private daily and single use transit options:

•    Experience – Industry expertise is an important trait to consider when contracting with private bus transport services in Singapore. Going beyond the fact experience often means a higher level of service, it also speaks to company knowledge about the logistics involved in navigating the streets of Singapore for on-time service. Some of the better companies are led by teams of transportation professionals with more 50 years of combined experience in the field.

•    Reputation and credentials – Whether there’s a need to contract a private bus company to provide transit to an office on a daily basis or a group of out-of-town visitors to and from a special event, reputation matters. When a high level of service is important, look for companies that have gone above and beyond to earn BizSAFE certification. Membership in the Singapore School and Private Hire Bus Owners’ Association is also an important consideration as is good standing with the Singapore School and Transport Association. These memberships and certifications simply indicate a company that takes reliability, professionalism and safety quite seriously.

•    Available services – Some of the best private bus transport services in Singapore have positioned themselves to provide clients with access to a range of transit options. Fleets and drivers will be capable of offering daily staff transport, shuttle bus service, school bus service and ad-hoc charter service to meet client needs.

•    Fleet and driver quality – From small shuttle buses to full-sized buses meant to transport dozens, the best companies maintain their fleet with extreme attention to detail. Buses should be well maintained for mechanical reliability while also offering a clean, comfortable environment for passengers. Bus captains should be highly trained, courteous and simply committed to delivering passengers to their destinations safely, efficiently and on time.

Private bus transport services provide a distinct alternative to other transit options available in Singapore. When only the best companies will do for daily or short-term needs, insist on working with an industry leader committed to safety, quality and customer satisfaction.

About the Author:
CitiTrans Bus Transit Pte Ltd. is one among the leading bus service providers that offer bus transportation services throughout the Singapore. Established in 2004 by the professionals of local bus transportation services, they have an experience of more than 50 years. They strive hard to offer the most reasonable and comfortable transportation by providing various types of bus services like daily staff transport, shuttle bus, ad-hoc charter, and school bus transportation services.

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