What is dental cleaning?

Posted by Divya Raut on May 18th, 2017

Dental plaque that gets deposited over the teeth is removed  by the process of teeth cleaning. Regular brushing and flossing cannot remove the hardened material that gets deposited over the teeth. Professional dental cleaning twice a year can improve the oral health of the person according to dentists in Pune. Professional dental cleaning includes home care oral health regimen of brushing twice a day ,dental flossing. Dentists in Chandigarh say that if a person follows this routine will allow the dentist to relocate the areas that special attention.

People who follow regular and proper oral hygiene which includes brushing with a soft wired brush and flossing do not generally experience pain or discomfort during dental cleaning.  Dental cleaning done by professionals has three procedures namely tooth scaling, tooth polishing and debridement  if the amount of tartar that has accumulated is too much. Regular dental cleaning prevents the dental issues and gum diseases beforehand hence, it saves  a lot and avoids complications which might happen in near future .

Dental polishing is also done in the procedure of teeth cleaning, which includes  an application of special gritty tooth paste on the surface of the teeth . This toothpaste makes the teeth shiny and appealing . Dentists in Chandigarh  have started applying fluoride to the surface of the teeth , fluoride comes in a variety of flavors like chocolate ,  mint , strawberry , watermelon , pina colada etc. and are mixed and matched.   Fluoride strengthens teeth  against the acids , the bacteria formed by the tartar  and the plaque that has considerably weakened the surface of the teeth .

The dentists in Chandigarh provide  a diagnostic and preventive services :

Diagnostic services mainly include :

•Updating proper and precise medical history  which includes full fledged information like heart problems , pregnancy , diabetes etc to the dentist . 

•Examination and screening of oral cancer

•Gum tissue evaluation

•Information about chewing and swallowing patterns

•X rays of examination of tooth decay

Preventive services include:

•Removing of plaque and tartar

•Removal of stain

•Application of fluoride

•Application of sealants for children

•Teeth polishing, fillings and crowning

•Cleaning of dentures and partial dentures

Dental cleaning are less time consuming and last between 30 minutes and an hour  on an average . After the procedures of dental cleaning you might feel  that your teeth look fresh and brighter. Teeth cleaning procedures not only take care of the appearance but also take care of the dental hygiene.  Professional teeth cleaning treatments are the preventive measures of treating periodontal diseases and maintaining oral health.

Dentists in Chandigarh also take out counseling for the people which includes telling people about proper brushing and flossing techniques , nutritional and dietary counseling,  recommendation and suggestions for the further treatment  when to follow up after the first routine , periodontal gum diseases and concerns and options for restoration. Often the people are counseled about self care and the oral hygiene home regime which includes flossing, brushing , mouth Wash etc. Dentists in Chandigarh say that people who smoke or chew tobacco have frequent dental issues compared to non-smokers.

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