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Yahoo is famous for its widgets and application that is successfully bring for its users. Yahoo is the most user friendly platform that is used by millions of users worldwide. Yahoo has the most useful application and thus it ensure maximum enjoyable experience of users over its platform. Even though yahoo is very easy to use but if users face any trouble with its any application they may obtain easy help by calling to Yahoo Technical Support  Number.

To provide all its application at a single platform it has also launched very successful yahoo widget. Yahoo widget is not new but it is very old application of yahoo. Even though it is very useful and is widely popular because it provides every application of yahoo in a combine platform still users not commonly use it and this is merely because they are not aware of it.

Yahoo launched this Yahoo widget application prior with the name as Konfabulator later a new version of this was launch with the name of Yahoo Widgets. This is still available and is commonly used by several users to make yahoo experience more easy by getting a simple and easy display of all the application at one place. As all the applications of yahoo are incorporated for users thus it is essential that user make a habbit of using yahoo widget so that they can get everything at the same platform.

Yahoo widget is a free application of yahoo that effectively displays all the applications of yahoo in the form of small widgets on the screen of desktop. The yahoo widget was first launched in 2002 but it was restricted only to Mac users later it was also ported for Windows users in 2005 by Yahoo.

Now, yahoo widget is available for Mac OSX, Windows 2000/XP/Vista users. By default the yahoo widget provides all the yahoo application placed in a clear and specific manner. This includes list of yahoo applications like Yahoo! search, maps, notepad, address book, mail, photos, Flickr, Calendar, Weather, Finance, digital clock, CPU monitor, widget gallery etc. Each widget has its own process such that it can give appropriate result & services at times. Yahoo Widgets is considered to be the most stable desktop application. Even though it uses some more for storage and executing processes of each application but as it is built in XML and JavaScript it occupies comparatively less memory space as compared to other bigger desktop applications.

Features of Yahoo widget

  • It has Heads-up display to show & hide all the widgets at once or one by one.
  • With this a user may also expand the widget to look into it.
  • It also let user to resize the widget.
  • You can copy paste or simply drag and drop the widget on your desktop with it.
  • You may also change the frame.
  • It helps in establishing bigger developer community.
  • It also provides Widgets comments.
  • Yahoo let user to rate app to know its efficiency.
  • With this application yahoo Widgets look better.
  • It provides more customizable applications of yahoo.

With so much to offer the Yahoo Widgets application for yahoo is implemented by yahoo for people who actually want to spread lot of information on the desktop. It is nice collection of applications that are placed appropriately to choose from. It personalizes the gadgets automatically and gives a clear cut view of all yahoo application. Yahoo widget application is attractive and easy to use but in case you need help to it you may obtain it from Yahoo Technical Support Number UK.

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