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6 Ways to Make Your Wedding Reception More Charming & Personal

Posted by lessacarol in Shopping on May 19th, 2017

Just because you’re wedding reception location is a rented AC hall or farmhouse doesn’t mean you have no role in revamping it and give it a personal touch. In fact, if you give even a little effort, you can make your reception stunning.

Here are some tips.

Extra lighting

To make space feel more intimate, change the atmosphere by introducing additional lights like lots of lanterns, chandeliers, café lights hanging from the ceiling. The place will look even more special if your reception venue has a lofty ceiling. Another effective way to instantly make the space gorgeous through lightning is to introduce warm glow lights. It makes even simple room chic and inviting.

Drape the room

If your reception venue has paint or wallpaper that is not going well with the wedding décor, you can create a separate space within existing one with drapes. Choose fabric that matches your wedding colors or if you are looking for an elegant option, go with white. Even draping just ceiling can transform the entire space, plus it is a cheaper option that covering the entire room.

Bright linens

Ditch the white linens and choose tablecloths, linens, covers, runners and napkins of bolder hues to give your table’s eye-catching look. If your reception venue is spacious, skip the typical round tables and dance floor arrangement. Instead, create a lounge seating arrangement with a zone of cocktail tables which will give a cozier look to the entire space.

Can covers

Spandex trash can covers give a finishing touch to the wedding planning. It is a simple yet effective way to conceal ugly looking trash into color coordinated accents. You can get them as per the theme of your wedding.

Mix the tables

If you are stuck between round and square tables, just mix them. Round table covers are a classic choice; however, you can totally change the flow of your reception by creating an assortment of different shapes. For example, mix round and square tables or pick up all long banquet tables to bring an intimate family feel.

Use candles

Add lots of candles in the room and fill it with glowing, warm, flickering light. For this, use pillar candles, luminaries, tea lights and let there be light!

Try these methods, and your reception location will be more than just a venue.

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Lessa Carol
Lessa Carol
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